WISH List of Dubs! Members fan edits and preservation efforts

GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER – Slightly modified Classic Media US version with less abrupt musical transition from Toho logo to opening credits and corrected audio at the end of the “Blue Mountain” scene. (Requested by Brian R. Culver)

INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER – Recreation of the “International” English version in proper aspect ratio. Bonus points for replacing Akira Takarada’s missing English dialog with a sound alike voice or piecing something together with voice clips from other parts of the English dub. (Requested by Brian R. Culver who will soon have a transfer of the UK PAL tape of this version and may know somebody who can do a good impersonation of Marvin Miller)

GREAT MONSTER WAR - INVASION OF THE ASTRO-MONSTERS – "Ultimate" 2-disc set containing the three major cuts of MONSTER ZERO: The Japanese theatrical version, the heavily altered 1967 German edition, BEFHEL AUS DEM DUNKEL, and the 74 minute 1971 Champion Festival reissue, KING GHIDORAH VS. GODZILLA, all newly remastered/reconstructed using the Toho HD transfer (and the Champion Festival laserdisc for a few items). Mono Japanese track aside, audio options for the theatrical cut will include the 2003 5.1 remix, the bilingual track by Allen Perkins, the unabridged English track, the French dub, the Italian dub, the original Spanish dub, and a BGM only track. Among the supplements will be the special effects outtakes, English language credits and other opticals from INVASION OF THE ASTRO-MONSTERS and MONSTER ZERO, subtitles for BEFEHL AUS DEM DUNKEL and KING GHIDORAH VS. GODZILLA, French version credits, BEFEHL AUS DEM DUNKEL trailer, Japanese reissue trailer, remastered American double bill trailer and TV spots, American radio spot, Paramount and Simitar home promos, worldwide still photograph and advertising materials gallery, U.S. TV host segments, the Japanese 8mm home movie, and anything else relevant to the film. (Suggested/pipedreamed by Pauline. Other supplements/features are open for suggestion)

SON OF GODZILLA – Sony DVD with audio from Frontier dubbed prolog and credit sequence intact while the remaining audio is replaced with the US dub. (Requested by Brian R. Culver who has darn good source material for the US version)

GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER – Sony DVD with opening credits intact and the remaining film edited to fit the US dub EXCEPT for leaving the relocated prolog in its’ proper place. (Requested by Brian R. Culver who has darn good source material for the US version)

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - Recreation of the AIP\Titan Studios dubbed version of the film using the Media Blasters DVD or Blu-Ray release for the main feature and redoing the credits and redoing the original AIP title card and ending credits in their proper places. (Requested by Ryan Swearingen.)

GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH - Recreation of the international English version. The TriStar DVD is pretty complete except for Ken's onscreen poem. (The first part of the poem can come from the Power Multimedia release. The second overlay is cropped on that release but could probably be recreated from scratch.) The end title could also probably come from the PMM disc. The TriStar DVD's audio track should be compared against the Power Multimedia release, although I don't think there are any discrepancies. (Suggested by Cody Himes who has all the necessary materials.)

GODZILLA VS. GIGAN - Recreation of the international English version using following sources: TriStar DVD for the bulk of the film; Power Multimedia DVD for Toho Eizo logo, main title, opening credits; recreation of the end title using Power Multimedia DVD; audio from the Image Laserdisc. (Suggested by Cody Himes, still looking for a copy of the Laserdisc.)

GODZILLA VS. MEGALON - Recreation of the international English version using the Media Blasters DVD for the main feature and Power Multimedia DVD for the logos, titles, credits, etc. End title would probably have to be recreated as it's cropped on the PMM release. (Suggested by Cody Himes who has all necessary materials.)

GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA ('74) - Recreation of the international English version using elements from the TriStar DVD, Power Multimedia DVD, and the Image Laserdisc. An alternate, recreated GODZILLA VS. THE COSMIC MONSTER title card (as seen on Sci-Fi Channel) would be cool too, but not necessary. (Suggested by Cody Himes, still looking for the Laserdisc and Power Multimedia disc.)

TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA - *Improved* recreation of the international English version. The Asian DVD Club boot is pretty good but the audio is not accurately synced to the movie. The source for the main movie in that release is the Toho R2 transfer. I suggest using the Toho HD master. The English credits could be reused from the existing bootleg. (Suggested by Cody Himes, still looking for the Power Multimedia disc.)

TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA – A version of the film with the UPATV prologue reconstructed in widescreen. Whether the remaining film is the UPATV edit or the complete International dub is optional. The same applies to thecredits, i.e. International vs. UPA reconstruction. Bonus points for pullingall the SEA and SON footage from GODZILLA’S REVENGE just as UPA did. (Requested by Brian R. Culver)

RODAN - American version in higher quality using the Toho Blu-Ray and bits from the Vestron LD (credits, "new" footage, original optical fades, etc.) (Suggested by Cody Himes)

FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD – “Seamless Hybrid Version”:The best quality widescreen video synched up to the US dub. English subtitles to support onscreen Japanese text. Leave the Japanese sequences of less violentFrankie unless the sequences from German DVD can be found. Substitution of UScredits with original Japanese optional. (Requested by Brian R. Culver who hasdarn good source material for the UPA version)

WAR IN SPACE – Slightly modified Discotek English dubbed version with opening Toho logo music intact and synch problem during the fighter attack fixed. (Requested by Brian R. Culver who has missing fighter attack audio from two tapes of TV broadcasts)

LITTLE PRINCE AND THE EIGHT-HEADED DRAGON – Widescreen version edited to fit US dub. (Requested by Brian R. Culver who has the English dub from a 90s TBS broadcast)

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY - HD American release version. (Trim the restored scenes from the Italian version and bring the film back to its 161 minute runtime.) The MGM Blu-Ray would be sufficient for the main movie, although the Italian Blu-Ray supposedly looks better. (If the Italian Blu is used, the English titles would probably have to come from the MGM disc.) Original mono soundtrack could be sourced from the MGM Blu or possibly Laserdisc. (Suggested by Cody Himes.)

RODAN - Widescreen American version in 1:85:1. Possible sources of footage could include Japanese R2, Toho Blu Ray (color correction suggested), completed fullscreen restoration by a Dubs! member, or any copy of the US version that "doesn't look like shit" (quote C. Himes). Apparently, Ed G. has a theatrical print in his personal collection, but obtaining such materials seems unlikely. (Suggested by Mike Mustafa Ramberg)

RODAN - Original German theatrical version.
The German theatrical re-release version titled "Die Fliegenden Monster von Osaka" ("The Flying Monsters from Osaka") is the only version currently available on home video. It is missing the original US opening and seems to be using a Japanese master, e.g. the first scenes featuring Shigeru's narration follow the Japanese version's order, even though the audio clearly follows the order in the US version.

Unfortunately the original version has never been released on home media as far as I know and there is no footage of the opening available. Only source for a recreation is the dub from the German DVD release which could be synched to a print of the US version. (Suggested by Michael Quade)

IN THE LINE OF DUTY IV - Original international/export version

Current releases of this film that include the original English dub are missing an opening scene right before the credits, which was specifically shot for the export version.

It can only be found on UK and probably some Scandinavian/Dutch VHS releases.

Basically, this makes the dubs included on the current releases incomplete.

A restoration or recreation could be done using the opening from one of those VHS releases (including the opening credits and end credits) and one of the newer Fortune Star transfers.

(Suggested by Michael Quade)