Conversation with David Schmoeller on his involvement of the US version of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Email correspondence conducted by Tue Nguyen circa 2015. Hosted with permission. Mr. Nguyen's website.

TN: Mr. Schmoeller I know this is a strange question to ask, but can you tell me about your involvement on Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind aka Warriors of the Wind from New World Pictures.

DS: I supervised an early English dubbing of the film for Manson International. Not sure if it survived to new world release.

TN: Was it the uncut version or it was cut?

DS: It was in the early 1980's - so, it must have been the badly edited 85 minute version. I had nothing to do with editing the film. The Foreign distributor did not like the English dub of the film and brought me in to help fix the dub.

The main problem was that the people who did the original English dub, wrote the english dialogue to fit the lip sync length, whether the English dialogue made any sense or not.

I don't think it ended up much better when all was said and done.

Disney picked up the rights to the movie in the early 2000's and honored the director's wish to keep it the original length (117 minutes?) and that the English translation match the Japanese dialogue. They also hired Hollywood star actors to do a new English dub.

I don't know anything about the New World release - except I'm sure it is better than the 1980's version...