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LOOP 2 -

OGATA: Hello, South Seas Salvage. Eh? What happened? Huh? Uh-huh. Yes, I see then. I'll be there. Emiko, I'm sorry.

EMIKO: What is it? What happened now?

OGATA: A distress call, from one of ours. I'm afraid I must go to the Coast Guard.

EMIKO: Well...

OGATA: I'm sorry I can't go, but you can if you hurry.

EMIKO: Disapointing, but work is work I guess.

OGATA: Go, you'd better hurry.

LOOP 3 -

RADIO MAN: The Eiko-maru, a 7,500-ton freighter belonging to South Seas Shipping, lost contact on August 13th at 19:05 hours, latitude 24° north, longitude 141°2' east: Cause of loss of communication unknown: Patrol vessels in Regions 3 and 4, stand by to deploy.

COMPANY BOSS: Ah, thank you. I'm indebted to you. What could have caused this then?

COAST GUARD OFFCIAL #1: We really haven't a clue. Like when Myojin-sho volcano erupted, we received an SOS, then suddenly, communication ceased.

COAST GUARD OFFCIAL #2: Yeah, our ship, the Bingo-Maru, is approaching the site now, and I'm certain something will turn up.

OGATA: Right here.

LOOP 4 -

HAGIWARA: That's right, in the same viscinity. Yeah. Eiko-Maru, now Bingo-Maru. Both are South Seas Shipping owned heavy freighting vessels. What's that? Huh? Cause still remains unclear.

WORRIED WOMAN #1: Do you know for sure if there are any survivors, sir?

COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #3: We won't have any way of knowing til dawn permits. A helicoptor, accompanied by two ships, is heading to the area right now. We can't say anything until we recieve their report. Please try to understand.

WORRIED MAN #1 : Tell me sir, why have you sent only two ships there? Why should you limit it at that capacity, sir?

COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #3: We aren't. Rest assured that we'll devote all our resources to the search. More vessels will continue the operation. That's really, all I have to say.

SHIPWRECKED SAILOR: Hey!!! Please help us!

MASAJI: We're here! Just hang on!

SHIPWRECKED SAILOR: I'm telling you, the sea just burst into fire!

MASAJI: An explosion?

COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #1: Three survivors were rescued by a fishing boat and are being taken to Odo Island. We have just dispatched one of our own patrol boats pick them up.

WORRIED WOMAN #2: Are they from the Eiko-Maru or the Bingo-Maru?

COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #1:  We are still currently investigating and will release the names soon.

COMPANY BOSS: Quite lucky that at least three survived the disaster. They'll help us determine the cause of what happened.

WORRIED MAN #2: They have the names?!


COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #1: Don't go in there! Wait just a minute here!

COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #4: Please keep out! Just a moment, please!

OGATA: What is it, sir?

COAST GUARD OFFICIAL #2: Can't believe it... I just can't believe it. The Odo Island fishing boat, has sunk as well.

HAGIWARA: The news desk. Ah, Yamane? Are you Yamane? Odo Island's fishing boat sank too. That makes the total three. Eh? Yes, same location.

WORRIED WOMAN #1: Tell us what you know!

WORRIED WOMAN #2: What happened to the fishing boat?

WORRIED WOMAN #1: Did it send a signal?

GUY BLOCKING DOOR #1: We'll make an announcement soon!

GUY BLOCKING DOOR #2: Yes we will!

GUY BLOCKING DOOR #1: Can you please just wait a moment longer?

GUY BLOCKING DOOR #2: Just hold on for a while!

GUY BLOCKING DOOR #1: Please, please be patient! Now, please step outside!

ODO ISLAND ELDER: No matter how you try to slice it, this is getting to be serious.

LOOP 5 -

SHINKICHI: Look out there, something's drifting over!

ODO ISLAND ELDER: Oh, it's a raft! Hey, a raft's drifting in!

SHINKICHI: A raft's drifting in!

ODO ISLAND ELDER: A raft's drifting in!


ISLANDER #2: Build up the fire, build up the fire!

ISLANDER #3: Get some more wood!