Guide to the English versions of Toei Tokusatsu shows (WIP)

By Maxwell Bresee on Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 2:47 PM

Masked Ninja Red Shadow

* Episodes from series compiled together by Toei into three feature films: Ninjascope (1966), Watari the Conquerer (1967) and Watari and the Fantasticks (1970). Dubbed (in all likelihood) by Pedro Productions. Received a Japanese DVD release in the 2000s and a US release in 2010.


Giant Robo

* All 26 episodes produced by American International Television and dubbed for American television with Salvatore Billitteri as line producer and Manuel San Fernando as primary director. Released under the title of Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, where most names of characters, organizations and monsters were changed (Example, Daisaku Kusama becomes Johnny Sokko) but the plot remained the same, with  all the show's violence intact. First broadcast in syndication in 1969, and aired on local stations for many years to come. The entire dubbed series was released on DVD in 2013. 

* In 1970, four episodes of the series (Including the first and last) were edited by American International Television into a feature film called Voyage Into Space. Aired on television throughout the 70s, and an abridged version was released on Super 8 mm film by Ken Films. 


Kamen Rider

* Dubbed by an unknown Filipino studio and aired in the 1980s. Only four episodes have surfaced as of 2014.


Kamen Rider X

* Dubbed by an unknown Filipino studio and aired in the 1980s. Only one episode has surfaced as of 2014.


Secret Sentai Goranger

* Dubbed by an unknown Filipino studio and aired from 1978 - 1979 under the title of Star Rangers. Also aired with English subtitles in Hawaii and unsubbed on two Californian stations (Sacramento's KMUV-TV and San Francisco's KEMO-TV).