Godzilla - Reviews, observations, and anecdotes

Godzilla, that great monster from the darkest, deepest depths of the ocean and my subconcious mind as well. He is beloved by people the world over. What hasn't been said about the big guy? I supppose not much, but everybody has their own personal thoughts. As of course I was dinosaur kid, I have been an astute fan since early childhood. My grouping of these films is unusual to most fans. I ignore placing The Return of Godzilla with the Heisei Era or VS Series, as I feel that it stands on its own, wedged between the old and the then new blood of Godzilla. I also use my own preferred titles for some of the films as well, instead of clinging to Toho or other companies' preferred English ones.

Showa Era films (1954-1984):

VS Series films (1989-1995):

Millennium Series films (1999-2004):

American movies: